CURLS 2017 programme overview video

The 2017 CURLS group was filled with a dynamic mix of young adults who came from all over the world united in a common school of thought: Right Livelihood. Many strong relationships and networks were formed between people with diverse cultures and educational backgrounds, and these relationships are part of the reason why CURLS 2017 was a life-changing and unforgettable experience for the group and … Continue reading CURLS 2017 programme overview video

CURLS 2017 now opens for registration!

Filled the new chapter in your life with us CURLS:2017 People-Planet Partnership July, 18th – August 2nd 2017, Thailand !! Workshops with Right Livelihood Award Laureate and experience facilitators Intercultural Dialogue with participants from different country Experiential learning in the communities Individual projecct design Forest walk : from Ego-Self to Eco-Self Inside-Out & Theater activism with experts For Application CLICK HERE Programme DRAFTED Schedule is available for … Continue reading CURLS 2017 now opens for registration!