CURLS Summer School 2018: The Art of Healing – Anupan Pluckpankhajee

Anupan Pluckpankhajee, is founder and director of Seven Arts Inner Place at Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai province. He is a painter and one of the earliest recognized pioneers of art therapy in Thailand. Anupan became a colour specialist with his profound study and interest in light, darkness and colours in the tradition of Liane Collot d’Herbois. He started Seven Arts Inner Place, an art studio and ‘creative space’ in Chiang Dao together with his neighbours the Makhampom theatre group and community arts centre. CURLS 2018 participants will stay in Chiang Dao for 4 days to explore Healing the Earth, Healing Society, Healing Self.

Healing Earth, Healing Society, Healing Self

School for Wellbeing and the Wellbeing Studies Programme

Chulalongkorn University Right Livelihood Summer School (CURLS)

Programme duration: 21st July – 4th August 2018.

DRAFTED SCHEDULE of CURLS Summer School 2018 DOWNLOAD HERE!! Schedule for CURLS 2018

Apply now:

**** The whole programme will be conducted in English.****

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