CURLS 2017 programme overview video

The 2017 CURLS group was filled with a dynamic mix of young adults who came from all
over the world united in a common school of thought: Right Livelihood. Many strong
relationships and networks were formed between people with diverse cultures and
educational backgrounds, and these relationships are part of the reason why CURLS
2017 was a life-changing and unforgettable experience for the group and coordinating
team. Overall the participants were challenged in their ability to think, self- express,
reflect, leave their comfort zone, engage, and share with one another on new and far
levels. Participants were able to engage new ways of thinking as well as new
perspectives about the world. The success of this year’s summer school is a result of
hard work from all parties; donors, coordinating team, academic – civil society platform
partners, and participants. We look forward to future CURLS participants having an
experience that explores right livelihood and deep ecology even more.

Enjoy our film here :


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