CURLS 2016 opens for registration!!

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Chulalongkorn University Right Livelihood Summer School (CURLS) 2016 :The COMMONS, COMPASSION & COMMUNITIES

Once we cultivate genuine compassion, the soil is prepared to receive seeds of happiness. Communities grow and shape the commons.

Seeds are essential for our livelihoods, for our food and the security of future generations. Private and public property regimes are not sufficient to match with the challenges of sustainable development. When we take good care of the Earth, grow our food with dignity and organize our consumption sustainably, we can speak of “Right Livelihood”. For achieving this goal we have to re-examine our worldviews and re-think the governance paradigms ruling our world. Land-grabbing, seed dependency and corporate strategies to get hold of our lives by means of intellectual property challenge the very foundations of our Human Security.


Part I:  EXPLORING THE COMMONS AND OURSELVES, Thailand, July 10th – 24th.

The topic include conceptual and experiential exploration, field work on Right Livelihood and engaged buddhism (“buddhism with a small b”), land rights and land grabbing in the Mekong region and Asia, the commons, compassion and care for Nature, community resilience, mindful markets and sustainable cities.

The academic exchanges and social analysis typical for CURLS 2016 will be held at the campus of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, with field studies in the North, South, East, South of Thailand and reflective art works at Wongsanit Ashram near Bangkok.

Registration fee : USD 1,000 (include tuition fee, local travel, accommodation, meals, learning materials).


Part II: SEEDS OF HAPPINESS; Self-Reliance, Organic Agri-Culture, Indigenous Wisdom, Food Sovereignty and the Menace of Climate Change. Bhutan, July 23th – August 7th.

The topic include concepts and practices from international scholars linked to the Right Livelihood Movement, Defence of Seeds and Biodiversity, Food Cultures, Indigenous wisdom and cosmovision of Agri-Culture, Agro-ecology and Food Sovereignty, Alternatives to Development,Decolonising knowledge, science and development,  the diverse cultural understandings of Right Livelihood in the world (Buenvivir, Ubuntu etc.) and especially in Bhutan (the 4 GNH pillars, 9 domains and 72 indicators).

The program starts in Bangkok on July 23, when the first part exhibits and exposes their findings, results and Right Livelihood Initiatives and all Bhutan Summer School participants learn about the findings and gather for travel to Paro on July 24. In Bhutan, the participants will join the workshops with Right Livelihood Laureates and international resource persons with methodological training and field work in 4 different rural areas in Punakha and Wangdue of Bhutan.  The programme will be concluded by the presentation of field work result at Royal University of Bhutan. After travelling back to Bangkok the results of the Summer School in Bhutan will be presented to the Chulalongkorn Academic Community and the General public.

Registration fee : Approx. USD 1,200 (includes flight from Bangkok to Paro, food, lodging and transport in Bhutan for 14 days including home stays, workshop material)


How to apply :

Participants can register for both parts of CURLS 2016 or for the parts in Thailand and Bhutan only (CURLS Registration before 31 March 2016)

To apply, please download and carefully fill in the Word Application Form, or PDF Application Form

Part I : Please submit the application to: Kittikhun Bhukhongkha (

Part II : Please submit the application to : Dr. Phanchung, Director for Research, RUB (Thimphu)   E-mail:  or Dr. Timmi Tillmann, Advisor CURLS – RLC (Germany) E-mail:

The video of last years’ summer school CURLS 2015 Action Research: Empowering Right Livelihood can be viewed here:

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