CURLS 2015 under the theme Action Research: Empowering Right Livelihood was held  at Chulalongkorn University where the participants studied about the concept of Right livelihood, Gross National Happiness, and post development perspective to foster a strong academic background and expand the global viewpoint around the contemporary challenging issues for instance: consumerism, indebtedness, inequality, social justice, climate change, food system, and etc.

Also, the participants discussed on the topic of Right Livelihood and how the concept is implemented in different part of the world and shared the stories of success which can be an inspiration for other participants.

The second 3 days module was held at Ashram Wongsanit (Nakorn Nayok province), an alternative learning center on the land of 13 acres, founded in 1988 by Right Livelihood award laureate, Sulak Sivaraksa.

In this module, the participants studied about the concept and principle of Participatory Action Research (PAR) and practice to use PAR tools as a preparation for the field research.

The participants selected their issue of interest from the first module and developed their Participatory Action Research skills accordingly by focusing on the tools that are applicable to their issue of interest (out of 16 tools). For example, those who interested in water management may use the “transect walk”,a mapping tools, to help them get the bird eye view understanding about the water system in the community while those who interested in “food as preventive medicine” issue may mainly focus on “taxonomy”, which is the collection of herb in particular area, and encourage the community to share how they applied certain herbal variety in their food or making medicine.

For more information, please download the report of the programme below:

CURLS 2015 Report


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